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When Debbie Fields was thirteen years old she set out to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. After years of testing and tasting, she succeeded. In 1977, the first Mrs. Fields Cookies store was opened in Palo Alto, California, and the rest is history in the baking. Our commitment to quality and to our customer hasn’t changed as we’ve journeyed from that first little store to over 500 stores today. Our customers know that the products they’re enjoying are made with the finest ingredients and baked by hand. Put simply, the recipe of our success lies in the ingredients of our cookies. We’ve carefully combined superior ingredients like pure butter, fine grade flour, and a treasured and carefully guarded chocolate formula to make the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cookies ever tasted. We believe that our success has been, and always will be, determined by happy customers. That’s why every gift on our list has the “Mrs. Fields Guarantee”. If for some reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, we’ll replace them absolutely free. It’s just part of our commitment to deliver products as soft, fresh, and delicious as the moment they left our oven. If it were any other way, it wouldn’t carry our name.

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